Championships resumed after Covid

The coronavirus pandemic is losing strength, which is why in football, everything is starting to return to normal. We already know the nearest match dates!

Following the situation of the championship recovery:

ALBANIA  – It is considered to resume on May 20
ARMENIA  – It is thought to start again on May 23
ANDORRA  – Pending an official decision
AUSTRIA  – It resumes on June 2,
AZERBAIJAN  official – It is thought to start again on May 14
BELARUS  – Championship started on 19 May
BELGIUM  – The first to take a stand, championship canceled: decision ratified after the postponements of the
BULGARIA  – Restart between 5 and 12 June
CYPRUS – Plan  to start again on 9 June
SOUTH KOREA  – Shooting on 11 June, it’s official
CROATIA  – Plans to resume on June 6
DENMARK  – Restart on May 28
ESTONIA  – Start scheduled for May 19
FAR OER  – Championship started on May 9
FINLAND  – Considerations to resume in July
FRANCE  – Championship canceled on April 30, titles awarded and official relegations. It restarts in 2020/21, net of appeals.
WALES  – We plan to start again on June 2
GERMANY  – The first big championship that takes place: it starts again on May 16, the end of the season is set for June 27/28.
GIBRALTAR  – Championship canceled
KAZAKHSTAN  official resumes on 6 June – Returns on May 31
KOSOVO  – He plans to resume 30 May
ENGLAND  – Resumes on 17 June, is official
IRELAND  – Expected start before July
ICELAND  – Restart on 13 June
ISRAEL  – The resumption on May 30th
ITALY  – It restarts on June 20th, it is official
LATVIA  – It is thought to start again in June
LITHUANIA  – It restarts on May 29th
LUXEMBOURG  – Championship canceled
MACEDONIA  – It resumes on May 30th, official
MEXICO– Definitively suspended all
MOLDAVIA  championships – Start set on June 20
MONTENEGRO  – Start again on June 2
NORWAY  – Start again on June 16
HOLLAND  – Championship canceled without title assignment but there is an appeal from Utrecht
POLAND  – It starts again on 29 May, official
PORTUGAL  – Officially restarts from 4 June, the Serie B will not resume
CZECH REPUBLIC – It starts again on 23 May
ROMANIA  – It returns to the field on 5 June
RUSSIA  – It resumes on 21 June, it is official